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English language | 5 Free English Grammar tricks | ueducate English


Introduction of English language

There has been a huge demand for English language that results in competent English users both in Western and Asian countries. The demand for English as the most generally used language worldwide has spread over various non-English speaking countries, specifically Asian countries, and “becomes the key language in Asia. Therefore, it isn’t unexpected that English diversity in Asian countries has received a great distribution of attention in recent decades.

As a universal language, English has successfully placed its position as a language in multicultural and communication as a language in international business communication. The trend of internationalization has spread and developed English around the world. Several people from various continents can speak English nowadays the most popular language in the world, in various forms, English is approximately Spoken via way of means of four hundred million humans as a native tongue and an additional 2 billion as a second and/or foreign language. We can practice basic English speaking which available on the internet


 Importance of English language

English language is a language that is not used for literary writing and a language that is not used in the court. The process of learning English as a foreign language is different from the process of learning English as a first or second language. English language learning as an overseas language takes more time and requires a lengthy process. want of opportunity to learn and lack of chance to use the language make a learner find it hard to learn the language.

The results of the interviews recorded in that types of language contribute to how easily a learner can learn by English learning course. Only one out of the six respondents reported that English in Indonesia is learned in situations in which English is taught as a foreign language, not as the first or second language.

It is a language that is learned only in the classroom with little opportunity to use the language as a means of transmission. It is a language that is not used as a conveying of academic command; is not used as a language for doing business and commerce; as well as is not being used as the language of the government of the country. Moreover, It is strictly a foreign language that is initially learned to pass a test. Vocabulary grammar and structure were categorized as knowledge of language Understanding vocabulary is important when learning a new language.


Role of English in different countries

The English language obeys different roles in different countries. In some countries, English is identified as the first language, while in other countries English is identified as the second language. we can learn by online English classes and by best practices.

The first language in some countries is also the home language or mother tongue. The second language is a language, whether in reality a second, third, or fourth, that is learned sometime later after the first language has been acquired, and there are many opportunities to use the language. In these countries, the second language is used gladly together with the first language. section

of the world, such as Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, China, and Japan identify English as a foreign language. Generally, a foreign language is a language that is learned at school and a part of the curriculum. However, there is little opportunity to use the language. basic English sentences are essential to speak fluent

effective communication language

The English language has been the ordinary language of the world for decades. The information on language commands is coded in a broadly similar way, namely, the survey distinguishes between no knowledge (assigned numeric code 0), basic phrases (0.25), limited communication (0.5), speaking but not writing (0.75), and fluency (1). It is now impossible to find a country where English learning classes have not become a standard. While some people would like to be upright with their parent language and would choose not to English learning is the benefit of learning and overcoming English goes behind the four regions of one’s native land. English is the most spoken language in the world.

Why do we use English as an international language 

Most people understand it. It is approximated that there are 380 million colloquial and 300 million that use basic English grammar and an extra hundred million who use it as a foreign language. It is the language of science, piloting, Computers, diplomacy, and tourism.

English is the official or executive language of 45 countries and is spoken tolerably in other countries where it does not have an official position because is required in many fields and jobs English language as a foreign language allows you to fully respect the culture and its context Of a country, it widens your understanding.

By griping a person’s culture, for example, you can avoid positions that could confuse you. Being capable of understanding different cultures and gaining knowledge of a foreign language you can overcome the gap between cultures, which would be an influential tool in today’s modern world. English communication courses are available on the Internet for free.


Overall English language is the source of communication across the world. The learners of English have a variety of answers to how easy they find it to learn English. The perspectives obtained from the interview are expected to give some new insights for teachers of English to guide their students to learn English easily. The results of the study imply that teachers of English need to take into consideration the above factors that make the learning of English easy if they want to take some advantage teaching of English as a foreign language. Everyone has a small question in their mind about how to learn English step by step the answer is simple just practice the basic sentences of English.

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