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No follow back links are links that do not pass on any link juice to the linked website. In other words they do not affect the search engine ranking of the linked website in any way. These links are marked with the real no follow attribute in the HTML code which tells search engines not to follow the link to the linked website. Although no follow back links do not directly impact a website’s search engine ranking they can still provide other benefits such as referral traffic and brand exposure. For example a link from a high traffic website can drive significant traffic to the linked website even if it is a no follow link.

How does not follow back links work

No follow back links are links that have a real no follow HTML tag attached to them. This tag tells seek engine crawlers now no longer to observe the hyperlink and now no longer to by skip any hyperlink juice or authority to the related website. The purpose of using no follow back links is to prevent spam and to ensure that only high quality links are passing authority. While not complying with back links might not at once enhance seek engine rankings they could still be valuable for driving traffic to a website and establishing credibility within a particular niche.

Types of no follow back links

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