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Course Duration

6 months


5k/ per month


HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and it is the typical programming language used to make web pages. Almost every website on the net uses HTML making it an important language for web development. It is a rise language which means it uses a method of tags to describe the form and content of a net page. These identifiers are enclosed in angle stays and are used to define headings paragraphs links images and other basics that make up a webpage. This structure allows browsers to interpret and show the content properly.

It is the important advantages of Hyper Text Markup language is its plainness. HTML tags are moderately easy to understand and captivate even for learners. The basic parts of a Hyper Text Markup language document consist of opening and closing labels that enclose the content.

 For illustration the tag is used to define a paragraph and the text within the opening and closing tags will be presented as a paragraph on the webpage. It also allows for the inclusion of other elements such as image links tilts tables and forms. 

These elements provide additional functionality and interactivity to web pages creation them more dynamic and attractive for users. For occurrence the tag is used to insert an image into a webpage though the tag is used to create hyperlinks that direct users to other web pages or locations within the same page.

HTML Course Outline

  •   Introduction
  •  Editors
  •  Basics
  •  Elements
  •  Attributes
  •  Heading
  •  Paragraph
  •  Styles
  •  Formatting
  •  Quotations
  •  Comments
  •  Colors
  •  Links
  •  CSS
  •  Image
  •  Favicon
  •  Forms
  •  Forms Attributes
  •  Form Elements
  • Input Types
  • Input Attributes
  •  Form Input Attributes
  •  Canvas
  •  SVG
  •  Media
  •  Video
  •  Audio
  •  Plug in
  •  YouTube
  •  Geolocation
  •  Drag/Drop
  •  Web Storage
  •  Web Worker
  •  SSC
  • Tag List
  •  Attributes
  •  Global Attributes
  •  Browser Support
  •  Event
  •  Colors
  •  Canvas
  •  Video/Audio
  •  Doctypes
  •  Character Sets
  •  URL Incode
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