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GBOB /Back links



2 months

Class Duration

5 Hours Daily


15k/ per month


3 months

Class Duration

2 Hours Daily


10k/ per month


Back links play a crucial person in the ecosphere of Search Engine Optimization SEO. They are an essential element in increasing a website’s visibility and driving organic traffic. In simple rapports backlinks are relations from one site to another. They are an indication to search engines that a particular website is worth visiting as it is being referred to by others. Back links serve as votes of confidence for search engines especially when they come from reputable and authoritative websites. Search engines take these gbob courses into account when ranking websites in search results. 

The higher quality GBOB a website has the more likely it is to appear in the top search results. There are two chief types of Backlinks do follow and no follow. Do follow backlinks are the most desirable as they pass on link equity or PageRank from one website to another.


GBOB /Backlinks​ Course Outline​

  • No Follow Backlinks
  • Do Follow Backlinks
  • Bookmarks Backlinks
  • Profile Backlinks
  • Contextual Backlinks
  • Forum Backlinks
  • Comments Backlinks
  • Sponsored Backlinks
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