Web Development



In today’s digital world, all businesses are shifting to the internet so they all need their website to grow business. That is why Website development is the most demanding and essential skill in today’s digital world. this field creates great opportunities for learners and has a huge scope in it.

Why you should learn web development? As all businesses shift to the internet they need a website to promote their product or services so to maintain their website they need web developers and designers.

Web developers make custom websites with languages such as PHP, HTML, and HTTP, and web designers design websites with CMS mediums such as WordPress and Shopify stores.

you can start your freelance career as a web developer and designer by designing custom websites and CMS websites. On the other hand, you can start your web development business by designing websites for local clients as well as international.

From where you can learn? We are starting a web designing mastery course in which we will teach you from basic to advanced web designing just enroll now and become a professional in this field.

What you’ll learn:

1: WordPress customization

2: Theme customization

3: Plugin

4: Menu/gadgets customization

5: Page optimization

7: elementor / elementor pro

8: Full-stack development


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