Videos Post Production




2 months

Class Duration

5 Hours Daily


15k/ per month


3 months

Class Duration

2 Hours Daily


10k/ per month


Video post production is the final and possibly the most critical stage in the production procedure of any video project. It is during this aspect that the raw footage captured during video is transformed into a polished and cohesive final product. It involves a range of activities including editing color correction sound design special effects and decider rendering. The goal of video post production is to enhance the visual and auditory elements of the video create a immaculate flow and deliver a compelling story or message to the intended audience.

One of the primary tasks in video post production is editing. Editing involves congregate the different shots and scenes captured during filming and arranging them in a logical and coherent order. The editor selects the best takes trims unnecessary footage and creates a timeline that tells a story. This process essential a keen eye for detail a thorough understanding of narration techniques  and the ability to make creative choices that place with the director’s penetration.

Video Post Production Course Outline

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