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Course Duration

6 months


5k/ per month


SQL organize Query Language is a standardized programming language that is used to manage and exploit relational databases. It was first developed by IBM in the and has considering become the de facto standard for interacting with databases. SQL is widely used by software developers database manager and other professionals who work with data. One of the key features of SQL is its ability to retrieve and store data in a organize manner. SQL allows users to define tables which are composed of line and columns. These tables can then be used to organize and store data in a way that is logical and well organized. SQL provides a wide range of commands and functions that facilitate users to create modify and query these tables making it a powerful skill for data management.

SQL is known for its simplicity and ease of use. The language follows a straightforward syntax manufacturing it relatively easy to learn and understand even for learner. The basic structure of an SQL query consists of three main part the select statement which specifies the columns to retrieve the FROM clause which indicates the tables to query and the where clause which defines specific state that must be met for the query to return results. SQL also offers additional clauses and operators for more complex queries such as JOINs GROUP BY and HAVING.

Another important aspect of SQL is its ability to perform data manipulation operations. Users can insert new records into tables update manage records and delete unwanted records. SQL provides a set of commands that allow users to perform these operations efficiently and securely. Transactions can be used to ensure that a series of related operations are perform as a single atomic unit guaranteeing data consistency and integrity.

SQL Course Outline

  • MySQL Basics
  • MySQL Delete
  • MySQL Read
  • MySQL Time
  • My SQL Min Max
  • MySQL Data Type
  • MySQL Functions
  • MySQL Create Database
  • MySQL Create Database Table
  • MySQL Adjust Line
  • MySQL Drop Table
  • MySQL Unique 
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